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Providing Intelligent Variable Frequency Drive solutions.

FW Worldwide (Future Wave Innovations Pty Ltd) is an Australian company dedicated to providing intelligent Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) solutions. FW combines the latest drive technology from LS Industrial Systems (LG), with more than 40 years of technical experience with electric motors and drives, to provide unparalleled efficiency – typically achieving 3070% reductions in energy demand.
From the Industrial user, to the home owner, our primary concern is helping people save energy. Our dynamic team of highly experienced leaders and problem solvers are uniquely knowledgable in both AC electric motors as well as Variable Frequency Drives. FW has access to ongoing expert support from a range of carefully selected industry specialists, as well as our highly trained technical team. This is a driving factor of our competitiveness and allows us to provide a superior solution highly specific to each industry.
At FW we go beyond just supplying VFDs. Our team offers a diverse skill set to deliver small to large scale project installations, energy audits – including monitoring, complete on-site commissioning services and installation support. As a result, FW has a reputation for innovative solutions and exemplary results in often complex and technical VFDs installations. Whatever the industry, application or region, FW has a specific solution to maximise your electric motor’s energy saving potential.

A Winning Combination