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Leading edge solutions for single & three phase motors

Not all VFD’s are created equally

Why choose FW?

While all VFD’s provide the ability to ‘control’ AC electric motors, it is a fallacy to say that all VFDs do the same thing.  

At FW, our solutions are designed to encompass more than just automation or ‘control’. Through our holistic approach, we are able to achieve optimal results and it is this which sets us apart from other VFD suppliers.

Motor Analysis

Applying VFDs to AC motors is a technically complex process. To ensure correct and most efficient application, expert understanding and assessment is essential. This is why, prior to installation, an analysis of each motor is conducted by FW’s highly skilled technical team. FW’s technology is specifically designed to maximize the level of energy savings available. Our technical team is made up of vastly experienced industry veterans with over 40 years technical experience. Our bespoke approach to installation and configurations for our clients means that we are able to achieve significantly better results in terms of energy savings than any other solution in the marketplace.

Strength through Partnerships

One other point of difference FW have on our competitors are the benefits our customers derive from the synergy we have formed with our various industry partners. Our expertise extends right across the entire electrical installation process; from assessment and selection, dimensioning and installation planning through to operation and maintenance of motors, VFDs, PLCs, transducers, transformers, relays, switches, and contactors, we’ve got it covered. With FW you can find comprehensive advice and consistent support all in the one place.

From complete on-site installation and commissioning services, to full project management and installation support. Site studies are routinely undertaken to verify the most efficient plant and installation methods. Understanding what is necessary to achieve optimal energy savings for each motor allows FW to provide the most efficient, thorough and cost effective VFD solution available.

How are FW Solutions Different?

FW solutions are based on combining:

VJ & TL Pollifrone


Rivage Royale Apartments


Mandole' Almonds


Brighton Swim School