Intelligent Solutions

Highest grade components

Single Phase Units (240V & SWER 480V)

Powerful Performance

Powerful & Precise motor control using LS iC5 VFD. The iC5 adopts sensorless vector control algorithm, and it improves not only the torque control characteristics, but the speed controlability in an uncertain condition caused by the load variation. PID process control is used to make speed corrections quickly with a minimal amount of overshoot and oscillation for the control of flow, temperature, pressure and other variables.

Capable & Adaptable

The auto tuning algorithm in the iC5 sets the motor factors automatically, which relieves the issue of traditional commissioning difficulties (mainly in low speed by the load variation and the low torque generation).

Interactive Contents

FW’s solutions have been created with the user in mind. Simple to use controls, easy to adjust settings. The iC5 serves a variety of applications to meet users needs.
  • PID Control
  • Sensorless vector control
  • Motor parameter auto tuning

Three Phase Units (380 – 480V)

Purpose Built

FW believes that offering a specifically designed unit to each site’s requirements provides the most effective solution available. We know that one size does NOT fit all, and this is paramount in understanding VFDs. Prior to installation, a site assessment is undertaken by our technicians to ensure the best possible method. Units are then specifically designed and purpose built for the site, optimising the investment for our clients.

Powerful Performance

The iS7 sets the world standard for drives (VFDs). The LS iS7 offers powerful performance, flexibility through diverse options, and a more convenient and user-friendly interface. The LS iS7 technology includes a strong low-speed torque control and speed precision-driven vector algorithm.

Environmental Benefits

FW’s Solution has been created with the Environment in mind. Every FW unit is made to the highest standard using the most efficient manufacturing methods and environmentally conscious designs. From planning to packaging, no corners are cut in creating these products.
  • Built in DC reactor for harmonic reduction and power factor improvement.
  • Customisable and Adaptable Paramaters.
  • EMC Filter built-in for protection from excessive electronic distortion.
  • 380 – 415 volt
  • 2.2kW up to 450kW VFD
  • LSis Switchgear
  • Custom built Polycarbonate/Steel/Aluminium boxes