Future Wave Energy Saver

Plug & play solution for domestic pools

Single Phase Domestic Unit (240 volt)

Simple Plug-In Solution

Designed for the home owner, this simple user-friendly solution is quick and easy to install. The unit plugs straight into your standard 240 volt power supply – No hard wiring or plumbing required.
Just plug it in!

Reduce Energy Costs

The Future Wave Energy Saver greatly reduces costs associated with running inefficient single-speed pool pumps. The unit enables users to control the speed of the motor using a high-end industrial Variable Frequency Drive, allowing your pool pump to run at its optimum efficiency. Significant energy savings are achieved with just slight reduction in the motor’s output, which translates into significant costs savings!

Reduce Noise Pollution

Pool pumps are NOISY. However, the Future Wave Energy Saver reduces the pump’s output, causing a dramatic reduction in noise. This is estimated to be as high as an 80%. These reductions can often be of huge benefit to the Neighbours. Customers are often able to run their pump overnight, allowing further costs savings due to off-peak power periods.
  • User-friendly Controls – Clear LCD Display & simple speed adjustment control dial
  • 3 Year manufacturers Warranty
  • Simple plug-in installation. No plumbing or hard wiring required
  • Weather proof casing for outdoor installation
  • Return on investment payback typically under 24 months
  • 2.2kW LS iC5 VFD
  • 3 Year manufacturers Warranty
  • Supports: 240 volt (in Australia) 110 volt units (USA)
  • Suitable for 1 pH single speed AC induction motor
  • Domestic Pool Pumps (Commercial models available), Spa Filtration Pumps, Heat Pumps, Water Features, Solar Water Heating for Pools